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Eddy current testing is used by several different industries to perform various types of inspection. The two largest applications for Eddy current are tube testing and aircraft inspection.

Tube testing application include the inspection of tubing in power generating systems, air conditioning systems and nuclear submarines for hazardous conditions suck as cracks, pitting and tube wall thinning. The tests are performed by passing an Eddy current probe through the inside of the tubing. As the result, this type of inspection is referred to as Inner Diameter Inspection or simply, I.D. Inspection.

Aircraft applications include numerous different types or aircraft structures and engines. Typical examples are inspection of aircraft engine and airframe components for very small surface cracks, inspections on aircraft wings and fuselages for cracks located underneath rivet heads.

Inspection for defects through the multiple layers or aircraft surfaces and inspecting for cracks on critical areas of aircraft wheel head seats-that portion of the wheel rim where the tyre makes contact with the wheel under tremendous pressure.

Other applications include an enormous variety of tests that make use of the many capabilities of the Eddy current method. Example include: thickness measurement of non-metallic coatings, such as paint, on metal surfaces; inspection of welds for surface cracks; the sorting of metals according to characteristics such as alloy and hardness; and high resolution thickness, measurement.

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