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Ultrasonics is a versatile inspection technique used to test a variety of both metallic and non-metallic products such as welds, forgings, castings, sheet, tubing, plastics and ceramics. Ultrasonic Testing uses high frequency sound waves which are introduced into materials for the detection of surface and subsurface flaws in the material. The sound waves travel through the material with some attendant loss of energy (attenuation) and are reflected at interfaces. The reflected beam is displayed and then analysed to define the presence and location of flaws or discontinuities.

Ultrasonic inspection is one of the most widely used methods of non-destructive inspection. Its primary application in the inspection of metals is the detection and characterization of internal flaws; it is also used to detect surface flaws, to define bond characteristics, to measure the thickness and extent of corrosion, and (much less frequently) to determine physical properties, structure, grain size, and elastic constants.

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