X4 LED Radiographic Film Viewer

X4 LED Radiographic Film Viewer

The X4 X-Ray Film Viewer with latest POWER-LED Technique for films up to size 10 x24 cm and density D 4.5

Film Viewer complete with Foot Switch, Power Cable EU Type and Mask for Films 10 x 24 cm

X4 LED Radiographic Film Viewer

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Technical Data:

Luminance, max.: 300,000 cd/m²

Film Density, max.: 4.5D acc. EN 25580 / ISO 5580

Viewing Screen: 225 x 80 mm for films 10 x 24 cm

Power Supply: 88 – 264 V AC / 47 – 63 Hz

Rated Power: 200 W

Dimensions: 305 x 220 x 205 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 6.9 kg


Luminous Flux, nom.: 64 x 245 lm

Power, nom.: 64 x 3 W

Colour Temperature: 5,000 K – white

Lifetime: 40,000 h


Housing in stainless steel

Plug-in foot switch – plug screw-secured – operable without foot switch (with optional operation plug)

Two Potentiometers for brightness control

Cross current ventilator with temperature depended speed control – low noise level

Filter in cooling air inlet – changeable from outside

Interchangeable masks for different film sizes – mounting of spare mask on rear panel

Mounting threads in side panels – for mounting loading device for roll films

Optional Accessories

Ancillary mask for films 10 x 24cm

Ancillary mask for films 6 x 24cm

Ancillary mask for films 10 x 48cm

Ancillary mask for films 6 x 48cm

Slot 2cm moveable stop

Hole Dia 30mm

Ancillary mask-Iris Dia 4-75mm

Spare air filter 2 pack