X-Rite 301X Densitometer

X-Rite 301X

X-Rite 301X Transmission Densitometer is probably the most widely accepted and used densitometer for industrial and medical x-ray requirements. Measurements are made on a push and read basis. The display consists of large LED numerals which can be read easily in bright or dim light. Internal memory and the null button allow the operator to make comparative density measurements across a piece of film. Other quality features include an illuminated work table, simple calibration procedure and rugged construction.

The Model 301X is U.L. listed and is calibrated to the National Bureau of Standards.

The Model 301X can now be supplied with RS-232 serial output enabling the instrument to be connected to a digital printer or computer. This provides a convenient record or an opportunity to use a computer to calculate the data from a step wedge.

X-Rite 301X Densitometer

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Measuring Range : 0-5.0D with both 2 and 3mm apertures, 0-4.0D-1mm aperture

Accuracy : + or – 0.02D

Repeatability : + or – 0.01D

Power Supply : 200-240 AC, 50 Hz

Dimensions : 13.3H x 10.25W x 38.0D cm

Weight : 3.9 kg

Design Conformance meets A.N.S.I. PH2.19-1974 requirements.

One Year Limited Warranty (bulb excluded)

Also available 100-130 AC, 60Hz (Model 301)