Vision 365 UV Torch

VISION 365 – UV LED Blacklight Torch High Powered rechargeable UV LED Torch used for NDT Inspection (MPI – Magnetic Particle Inspection & DPI – Dye Penetrant), Crime Scene Investigation, Leak Testing, Detection of Smart Water™ & Other DNA Based Tracer Liquids, Art Verification &  Restoration and many more.

The Vision 365 (UV365) Blacklight UV Torch offers a light compact, long life, high durability solution to UV inspection techniques. The high powered LED bulb gives intensity greater than 6,000µw/cm² (60W/m2) at 400mm. The visible light output is <20 Lux. The battery life is approximately 4 hours per battery enabling longer inspection periods.

The VISION 365 Torch Light – Spotlight is a small-sized, lightweight, UV-A LED flash-light designed for quick inspections and access to “hard-to-reach” spots. The lamp measures 14.5 cm long (5.7 inches) and weighs 145 gram (5.1 oz), battery included. The VISION 365 UV LED Torch – Spotlight contains one (1) ultraviolet light emitting diode (LED). The LED creates UV light that peaks at 365 nm making it suitable for industrial, leakage and security applications. Full power is reached instantly. The on/off button is recessed in the back of the lamp to prevent accidental activation. At full charge the batteries provide up to 8 hours of use. Recharge from a normal outlet or vehicle with included chargers. The kit also includes an extra battery, enabling you to charge one whilst using the other.


Vision 365 UV Torch

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NDT Crack Detection

UV-A inspection lamps for highlighting cracks in safety critical aerospace and automotive components during dye penetrant and magnetic particle fluorescent processes

Fluid Leak Detection

UV-A inspection lamps for use with fluorescent additives mixed with water, oils, fuels, coolants and refrigerants to reveal leaks on surfaces, pipework, joints and coils.

Oxygen Cleanliness Evalidation

UV-A inspection lamps to detect hydrocarbons, such as oil and grease on materials and equipment used in oxygen enriched environments, e.g. industrial gases, submarines and diving gear.

Textile Manufacturing

UV-A lamps for quality control of textile materials and products, applications include identification of fibre yarn mixes within a cone, cloth or beam. Contamination of raw materials such as cotton. Oils stains on carpets from weaving and tufting machines. Particulates in medical non-wovens.

Paper Manufacturing

UV-A lamps for quality control of paper and paper products to reveal:

  • Mixes and contamination
  • Invisible/UV revealing markings on currency and security papers

Signature Spray Detection

UV blacklight lamps for revealing invisible evidence and markings on property and people, to link valuable items to owners and criminals to crime scenes.

Conservation and Preservation

UV-A lamps to reveal evidence of restoration and repair of paintings, imperfections in ceramics, detection of forgeries, highlight mould and enhance of print on paper and parchments.

    • Does it come with an Initial calibration certificate?

Yes, NDT Consultants Ltd initially provides calibration certificate.

    • Do we need to recalibrate UV-EYE device every year ?

We have engineered the product such that you yourself can calibrate UV Eye every year using shims with traceable calibration certificates.

    • Do you provide calibraion service for UV-EYE ?

Yes, we do.

    • What is the measurement accuracy ?

UV-EYE can measure up to +- 1 mm accuracy.