VIP BV3 Bore Viewer Set


The VIP BV3 Bore Viewer Set 3mm Series includes:

Battery Handle BH

3mm Bore Viewers LP3/50, LP3/75 , LP3/150, LP3/200

3mm Mirror Sleeves S3/50, S3/75, S3/150, S3/200

Spare Lamps 3W, 3P

Supplied in a Foam Lined Case

The Bore Viewer Sets are essential tools for any industry involved in machining materials – to visually inspect internal features.

Internal inspection in any industrial application, is made simple using Bore Viewers & Inspection Mirrors. Bore viewers, fitted with magnifying lenses

Provide illumination for the internal viewing of bores and cavities

Crystal clear inspection of internal wall features is achieved when an optional side viewing mirror is added

The range is based on simple, common features: a Bore Viewer is fitted with a replaceable lamp, power is supplied by a battery handle that is universal to the whole range, a high quality optical lens provides magnification

Optional removable, mirrors give a lateral view

Only 2 & 3mm series have magnifying lenses

Bore Viewers from the 2 & 3mm series are suitable for viewing small bores and cavities

Whilst the 8 & 14mm range are more suited to inspecting larger apertures and cavities

They may also be used for looking inside complex assemblies, plant and process equipment, pressure vessels etc. and for any general purpose viewing into inaccessible areas .

VIP BV3 Bore Viewer Set

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