UVG 5 Head Lamp

UVG 5 Head Light

The UVG5-HEAD Spotlight or Midlight is a small sized, lightweight, UV-A LED Head Lamp designed to release the test engineer’s hands during inspection. The lamp can be adjusted in three different angles, the operator can switch angle of the light during inspection. The rubber bands are adjustable and designed to fit helmets, or to be attached directly on the head. The battery is located in the back of the structure and therefore there are no loose cables hanging from the lamp.

The UVG5-HEAD is equipped with a unique white block filter that minimizes the white light and limits the glare. The light provides a superior contrast performing Non Destructive Testing.

The UVG5-HEAD contains one (1) ultraviolet light emitting diode (LED). The LED creates UV light that peaks at 365 nm making it suitable for Non Destructive Testing.

Full power is reached instantly. The on/off button is positioned in the back of the lamp to prevent accidental activation. At full charge the battery provides up to 3 hours of use. Recharge from a normal outlet or vehicle with included chargers. The kit also includes an extra rechargeable battery.

UV source: UV A LED (1) Estimated Life 30,000 hrs

The UVG5-HEAD Kit contains


Charger for use from electrical outlet

Charger for use in vehicle via cigarette lighter connection

Two (2) batteries (1+1 extra)


All components included in the Torch Light lamp are RoHS certified according to 2002/95/EG

UVG 5 Head Lamp

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Spotlight: > 20, 000 μw/cm² at 38 cm

Midlight > 8,000µw/cm² (100W/m2) at a distance of 38 cm

Visible light:

Spotlight: < 1Lux / 0.93 fc Midlight: < 1Lux / 0.93 fc Wave length: 365 nm Irradiated diameter at a distance of 38 cm Spotlight: 30 mm (1.2 inches) Battery

2200 mAh Lithium-Ion, 3.7 volts

Running time: approx. 3 hrs

Charging time: approx. 8 hrs

Requires one (1) battery to operate


One (1) 100-240 VAC charger for use from electrical outlet

One (1) 12 V charger for use in vehicle via cigarette lighter connection

Capacity: two batteries can be charged simultaneously


Weight .inc battery: 266 gr (9.4 oz)