UV LED Mains Inspection Lamp Aerospace RRES 90061 & ASTM E3022-15

UV LED Mains Inspection Lamp (Alpha)  Aerospace RRES 90061 & ASTM E3022-15

A lightweight high radiant flux UV LED lamp suitable for NDT Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection

Key Features

  • 24 Volt with mains powered adapter
  • Immediate full power after switch on
  • Robust Aluminium Housing and Rubber protection ring
  • Fan operated cooling
  • Auto reset thermal safety cut out
  • Adjustable top bracket for easy hanging
  • Meets Roll Royce specification RRES 90061 & ASTM E3022-15

Hi Flux UV LED Mains Inspection Lamp
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Technical Data

Temperature 0°C – 50°C
Dimensions 200mm x 110mm
Weight 720g
Peak 365nm ± 5nm
Power Supply Mains Transformer 100-240V AC
UVB 0µW/cm²
UVA  <5,000µW/cm² at 380mm
Light Distribution Flood, d > 180mm
White Light Output Approx <10 lux at 25cm
Cable 3 metres