UV-Eye is a new development, a multifunctional tool that is a must for the NDT operators who work with Fluorescent materials be it Penetrant or Magnetic Particle inspection.This operator friendly, lightweight, dual purpose instrument offers real time defect sizing with dedicated software to store images within an on board reporting framework


This has become a mandatory test for ensuring consistency of Penetrant System Performance. Difficulty of measuring the star cracks particularly the small stars is now elegantly and easily done using the UV-Eye. The unit measures and records the Image and dimension, provided in reporting format, using the specifically developed software.

An after sales calibration service is available for this instrument

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UV-EYE can be used for general part inspection with white light. Below are few sample pics of defects in general metal parts.

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  • UVA illumination at 365nm >1200μW/cm2
  • White light >1000 lu
  • Measurement accuracy better than –0.01mm
  • Instrument dimensions 255mm x 140mm x 30mm
  • Probe dimensions 150mm (l)
  • Case material Reinforced ABS plastic Moisture/dust tightness IP 64

Dedicated Software allows:

  • Recording and storing of indications
  • Images stored in JPEG
  • Measurement of indication with easy line, circle or rectangular measurement tools.
  • Generate reports. Pre loaded report
  • Report format: Tam Panel Report, Defect Report
  • Multilanguage support ( English, Spanish,German,Italian)
  • Option for touch tablet or 10.1″ notebook.
    • Does it come with an Initial calibration certificate?

Yes, NDT Consultants Ltd initially provides calibration certificate.

    • Do we need to recalibrate UV-EYE device every year ?

We have engineered the product such that you yourself can calibrate UV Eye every year using shims with traceable calibration certificates.

    • Do you provide calibraion service for UV-EYE ?

Yes, we do.

    • What is the measurement accuracy ?

UV-EYE can measure up to +- 1 mm accuracy.