Ultrasonic Couplant UCA7

Ultrasonic Couplant UCA7

 is a powder based product, consisting of a blend of specially selected powder compounds. It is specifically designed as a highly portable and economical alternative to standard water-based couplants.

UCA7 on dilution forms a thixotropic gel mixture which stays in position when applied and does not drip or run from the part under test. The excellent wetting properties ensure free and even movement of ultrasonic probes over both rough and smooth surfaces with immediate and excellent acoustic transmission.

Due to the presence of special organic corrosion inhibitors, the product will not corrode most metals. The product is low in sulphur and halogens and essentially ash free on ignition (see Typical Properties below).

UCA7 is water-based. On dilution, it contains no powerful solvents and is therefore without effect on painted surfaces, plastics, synthetic or natural rubbers.

Ultrasonic Couplant UCA7 contains a small amount of fluorescent red pigment to facilitate complete removal after testing

Method of Use
UCA7 is normally applied by hand or with a soft bristle brush. It is completely soluble in water and can be readily removed by washing with water. Where the use of water is not convenient or practical, UCA7 can be removed with alcohol, acetone or a similar solvent.

UCA7 is normally diluted in water at a concentration of  50 grams per litre, though the consistency of gel can be adjusted to suit by varying the powder addition. The mixture should be allowed to stand for 3-5 minutes and then be re-stirred in order to achieve maximum viscosity.

UCA7 working temperature range of dilution: 0 to 50 °C. Above 50 °C, some evaporation of water will take place on prolonged exposure.

Ultrasonic Couplant UCA7 is non flammable.

Available as 4 x 1Kg

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