Temoin C Reference Test Block

Temoin C Reference Test Block

The Temoin C Reference Test Block is made of two rectified low carbon steel bars fitted together with an air gap (0.015-mm). On each side of these bars, there are two magnets which are assembled top to bottom so that each bar may have a North and a South pole to its ends.

The length of the indication spectrum, which can be read on the right side and the left side, indicates the quality of the magnetic ink, which is used.

Reference test block C is intended to be used systematically:

To check the performance of crack detection magnetic inks and powders as part of the Quality Control at the manufacturing stage (7.1.1 of EN ISO 9934-2) and in use ( 7.1.2 of EN ISO 9934-2)

To compare the efficiency of magnetic inks and powders against reference samples.

To compare the performance of magnetic powders and inks of various types from the same source or from different sources

Temion C Reference Test Block

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