Safe 778B Fluorescent Magnetic Ink Water Based Concentrate

Safe 778B Fluorescent Magnetic Water based Concentrate

Fluorescent magnetic detecting medium available in concentrate to be diluted in water at 5.0 % by volume (1:20). It is a very fine and stable product containing anti corrosion, wetting and dispersing additives. Standard Concentrate packaging 3 x 1 Litre Bottles

Non-flammable propellant

Very low odour

Very low sulphur and halogens contents

Temporary frost resistance, down to -10 °C (concentrate form)

This product can be used with any magnetic field generator (current passing, hand yokes, permanent magnets) and in magnetic bench.

Companion products: Tap water, demineralized water or unconditioned demineralized water (SED grade for Electricity of France)


Conforms to code(s) :

ASME standard(s) :

ISO 9934-2

ASTM E 1444


NF F00-090

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