Run Check Plaque

The run check plaque is made of compressed resin that is highly resistant to all solvents,especially chlorinated solvents in liquid or vapour form, that are normally used for preliminary degreasing in the penetrant inspection cycle.

The plaques contain two micro defects on one side, appearing as a simple or branched line after penetrant processing. the degree of visibility of these defects at the end of the penetrant inspection process provides a check on the efficiency of the cycle as a whole, as well as that of the products (penetrant, emulsifier, developer) and the related processing stages (cleaning, penetrant application, emulsifying, rinsing, drying, developing).

The plaques are normally attached to each basket or jig in a manual, semi-automatic or automatic penetrant processing plant. they may also be attached to each component in an electrostatic process, or used singularly as test panels.

The plaques are not reusable.

Run check plaques are suitable for all groups of penetrants included in the MIL-1-25135 range.

Run Check Plaque
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