Radiation Warning Signs

Radiation Warning Signs
The range of – 320 x 400mm rectangular warning signs are available printed on either Rigid aluminium composite laminate or flexible Self-adhesive vinyl. The signs are suitable for external use in all weather conditions being printed with premium quality (EN71 approved) waterproof inks.
All the signs are to the same basic design, conforming to the current ionising radiations regulations. Each sign has space for the name of the Radiation Protection Supervisor and telephone number.
They differ in the wording beneath the trefoil and in the prohibition sign, as illustrated

Radiation warning signs are available printed in any language.

Size 320 x 400mm

safety1            safety 2

Product Nos.                              Product Nos.

70721 Rigid                                  70723 Rigid

70722 Self Adhesive                    70724 Self Adhesive

safety 3         safety 4

Product Nos.                               Product Nos.

70725 Rigid                                  70727 Rigid

70726 Self Adhesive                    70728 Self Adhesive


Product Nos.

70729 Rigid

70730  Self Adhesive

RAD Safety Signs

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