Rad Eye G20-ER10

RadEye G20-ER10

Fast response even below 1 microSv/h

Light weight (300 g), excellent grip with and without gloves

Rugged and compact design, thick rubber protective cover

Low cost of ownership with > 500 h operation time with 2 AAA batteries – rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used

Menu-driven user interface results in low training cost and immediate familiarity

Huge internal data memory for both scaler results and continuous data recording

Bright backlit LCD display – plain text messages – different languages can be selected

Audible indication: single pulse or chirper mode proportional to count rate

Earphone output for operation in loud environment

Designed to meet and exceed IEC 60846-1

An after sales calibration service is available for this instrument

Rad Eye

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Detector Pan Cake GM with Multi Element Energy Filter
Measuring Range RadEye 20-ER10 0.01 μSv/h – 100 mSv/h
Energy Range (ambient equivalent dose rate) 17 keV – 1.3 MeV (± 20%)
Response approx. 4 cps / μSv/h
Linearity – 9% to +11%
Temperature Range -20°C – +50°C