Penetrant Test Block Type 2 ENISO 3452-3

Penetrant Test Block Type 2 ENISO 3452-3

Field of application: 
Reference test panel type 2 is being used for routine assessment of the system performance of both fluorescent and color contrast penetrant facilities and open containers. The difference of the state of action compared to the state of delivery will be shown. The test is carried out at the start of each work period.

Structure of the test panel:
The reference test panel type 2 is rectangular in shape with dimensions of ‘155 x 50 x 2.5 mm. The base material is stainless steel plated with a layer of nickel of 60 pm thickness. The nickel layer is plated with a thin layer of hard chromium of 0.5 pm to 1.5 pm thickness. Five star-shaped defects of 3.0 to 5.5 mm diameter have been artificially produced in this layer The five defects are uniformly placed according to their sizes. ln order to check washability (visual assessment of the excess penetrant removal), the test panel is placed on the artificial defected side in four adjacent areas of 25 x 35 mm dimension with a roughness of R, = 2.5 um, Ra = 5 um, RA = 10 um and R. = 15 um. The smallest defect is located next to the area showing the smallest roughness.

The standard EN 571-1 of January 1997 has to be considered when doing the test. The penetrant has to be applied all over the test surface of the reference panel. The area to be tested is the one with four fields of roughness and five artificially produced defects. The excess penetrant removal depends on the type of penetrant. The reference panel is used in the same conditions as the pieces to be tested. Developer will be applied uniformly and thinly after drying the testing area.

Penetrant Test Block Type 2 EN ISO 3452-3

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