MY2 Electromagnetic Yoke

MY-2 Electromagnetic Yoke

It is a handheld instrument with powerful AC magnetising, adjustable poles and single handed operation.
It’s small size makes the MY-2 ideal for inspecting different geometries, welds, castings and on-site inspection/repairs, especially where there is limited access.
Encapsulated in a rugged rubber housing that makes it extremely durable.

The MY-2 offers a unique quick change of the two legs.
The MY-2 complies with BS EN ISO 9934-3:2002 and ASTM 1444-01.

• Power AC magnetic field
• Super lightweight (approx. 5lbs – 2.2Kgs)
• Rugged and reliable
• Dual length articulated legs
• Comfort grip handle
• One year warranty of assured manufacturing quality
• Available for 230V AC or 115V AC operation

MY2 Electromagnetic Yoke

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