Mavolux 5032C Luminance Meter

The  MAVOLUX 5032C Light Meter is used for measuring the luminance of X-ray Film Viewers, meets standards DIN 5032 and CIE no. 69. The instrument has a digital display with two scales and four ranges, automatic battery check and Zero adjust facility. The Optical Receiver has a Silicon photodiode with V(λ) filter, in accordance with accuracy class DIN 5032/7 class C. Functions include Auto Range / Range Hold / Manual Range, selectable Lux or Footcandles, Hold and MAX functions. Direct read out in Candela/m²

Supplied with a Calibration Certificate for Lux and Candela

An after sales calibration service is available for this instrument

Mavolux 5032C Luminance Meter

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Measuring Range: 0.1 – 199,000 lux
Brightness: 1…1,999,000 cd/m2
(with screw-on luminance/brightness adapter)
Power Supply: 1.5V mig cell Alkaline
Dim. (instrument): 75 x 130 x 15 mm
(Sensor): 32 x 105 x 29 mm
Weight (in leather case): 0.2kg approx.

Characteristics of Mavolux 5032C USB

Illumination Range  Lux Range Footcandles Resolution      Lux Resolution       Footcandles
I 0.1-199.9 0.01-19.99 0.1 0.01
II 1-1,999 0.1-199.9 1 0.1
III 10-19,900 1-1,999 10 1
IV 100-199,000 10-19,990 100 10
Luninance Candela/m² Foot Lamberts Candela/m² Foot Lamberts
I 1-1,999 0.1-199.9 1 0.1
II 10-19,900 1-1,999 10 1
III 100-199,900 10-19,990 100 10
IV 1000-1,999,000 100-199,900 1000 100