Magnetic Flux Indicators Type I-NDT Consultants Type G

Magnetic Flux Indicators Type I-NDT Consultants Type G

Magnetic Flux Indicators Type 1 are used to indicate the presence of induced magnetic fields during magnetic particle inspection of General Engineering components.

Slotted strips, also known as Burmah-Castrol Strips, are pieces of highly permeable ferromagnetic material with slots of different widths. They are placed on the test object as it is inspected. The indications produced on the strips give the inspector a general idea of the field strength in a particular area.

Advantages of these strips are: they are relatively easily applied to the component, they can be used successfully with either the wet or dry method when using the continuous magnetization, they are repeatable as long as orientation to the magnetic field is maintained, and they can be used repetitively. Some of the disadvantages are that they cannot be bent to complex configuration and they are not suitable for multi directional field applications since they indicate defects in only one direction

NDT Consultants Ltd (G) Magnetic Flux Indicators are equivalent to (Type l) for General Engineering

Supplied in a pack of five strips

Magnetic Flux Indicators

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