Mag-Tec Evolution Magnetic Field Strength Meter

Mag-Tec Evolution

A magnetic Field Strength Mater of our own manufacture designed specifically for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). Mag-Tec is a compact and portable handheld instrument that combines the latest digital display and Hall Effect technology into a functional, rugged design. The handheld meter provides the user with an easy means for accurately measuring magnetic fields.

Easy to Operate

  • Menu Driven
  • Auto Ranging
  • Automatic zeroing, integration and signal hold

Measures in :

  • Gauss
  • kA/m
  • Oersted
  • mT

Key Features    

  • Provides readouts for Mean-True RMS-Peak magnetic values
  • Sensor based on Linear hall Effect Sensor
  • Provides waveform display for AC-DC-Half wave DC
  • log up to 1000 results and export to Excel via USB PC connectivity
  • Overall accuracy greater than 5%
  • Complies with the standards EN61326-1 (Ed97) + A1 (Ed.98) +A2 (ED.01)
  • User defined power save with automatic shut off
  • Rugged meter housing with dust/splash proof case protected to IP65
  • Sealed sensor housing and USB connection with water resistant adapter
  • Compact, Lightweight and battery operated for convenient use in the factory, field or any location
  • Rechargeable battery via Mains charger or USB, with battery life > 16hrs
  • Supplied with Readout unit, Probe, USB Cable, Charger and Carry Case

An after sales Calibration Service is available for this Product

Mag-Tec Evolution

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The Mag-Tec is a  handheld meter which provides the user with an easy means for accurately measuring magnetic fields.

Readout Unit
  • 4 Digit Auto Ranging Display
  • 18 x 64 dot pixel chip on glass
  • STN transmissive colour LCD 2.8” (7.1cm) backlit illumination
Power Requirement’s 2 x AA NiMh/Primary
Dimensions 95 x 155 x 35mm
Weight 320g
Hall Effect Probe
Measurement Range ± 500 Oe or ± 40 kA/m
Weight 55g
Dimensions 35 x 8 x 17mm
USB cable length 735mm