LX60 LED Radiographic Film Viewer

LX60 LED Large Sheet Radiographic Film Viewer

Flat housing made of powder coated steel for wall mounting or table top with optional carry/set up device

Terminal strip for attaching X-ray film

Fully adjustable vertical and horizontal shutters for adapting illuminated areas to any film size

Two potentiometers for brightness control – 0.2 … 100 percent

Cooling fan with temperature dependent speed control for low noise level

Optional Plug-in foot switch – Viewer is operable without the foot switch

Supplied suitable for wall mounting, Desk Stand and Handle optional extra’s

LX set_up

LX60 LED Radiographic Film Viewer

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Viewing Area:              600 x 430 mm / 23 x 17 inches

Luminance:                 40,000 cd/m2

Maximum Density:      3.6 D Max

Rated Power:              200 Watts

Size:                             870 x 640 x 120 mm / 34.3 x 25.2 x 4.7 in

Weight:                       25 kg. / 55 lbs.

Power Supply:             88…264V / 47 – 63 Hz

Colour Temperature: 5,000 K

Lifetime of LEDs:         40,000 hours