Labino MPXL 135 Series Duo UV Inspection Lamps

Labino MPXL 135 Series Duo Ultraviolet inspection Lamps

Labino Duo U/V Lamps- 100VAC, 115VAC, 230VAC or 12-24VDC

Duo UV lamps have unbeatable UV intensity creating extreme excitation of fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at greater distances; once impossible with former technology.Labino MPXL 135 Series Duo Ultraviolet inspection Lamp is a two-part lamp consisting of a light weight luminary unit and a ballast (electronics) unit.
Three versions are available all with the choice of U/V Beams and Intensities :- Floodlight, Midlight or Spotlight

The S135 UV has no handle but comes with mounting brackets

(S135)  Floodlight (Beam 3.5º)
(S135)  Spotlight (Beam 20º)
(S135)  Midlight (Beam 45º)

The PS135 comes complete with a Pistol Grip Handle

(PS135) Floodlight (Beam 3.5º)
(PS135) Spotlight (Beam 20º)
(PS135) Midlight (Beam 45º)

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Distribution angle (beam) 45°

Irradiance ≥3 000 μW/cm2=at 38 cm


Distribution angle (beam) 20°

Irradiance > 8 000 μW/cm2=at 38 cm


Distribution angle (beam) 3.5°

Irradiance > 45 000 μW/cm2=at 38 cm


100 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC

12/24 VDC, operated from external 12/24 via included cigarette cable or from mains

via PSU (PSU not included)

Input Power: 43 W

Output Power: 35


Luminary Unit: 1.2 kilos

Ballast Unit: 1.5 kilos


Mains Cable: 2.0 metres

Luminary–Ballast: 3.0 metres

Additional Information

Mechanical Stability (bulb): IEC810

Service life (bulb): approx. 2 000 hrs

Wavelength: UV-A, peak at 365 nm

Start-up time: full power after 5-15 sec

Material in housing: anodized aluminium, plastics PA6-30

The housing is via pre milled slots prepared for mounting devices

S, CE, ETL/cETL approved

IP65 classified, dust and temporary water jetting proof

  • Measurement of indication with easy line, circle or rectangular measurement tools.
  • Generate reports. Pre loaded report
  • Report format: Tam Panel Report, Defect Report
  • Multilanguage support ( English, Spanish,German,Italian)
  • Option for touch tablet or 10.1″ notebook.