Labino GX Orion Remote

Labino GX Orion UV Overhead Inspection Light

Labino’s LED overhead inspection lamp, GX Orion, is a modular system that can be used to cover large areas. There are three different models to choose from, remote controlled with multiple UV intensities, UV on/off button only, and UV and Visible (white) light on/off buttons only.  The GX Series family of products has been specifically designed to meet the ASTM E3022-15 and ISO 3059-12 standards as well requirements set by the PRIMES. The optics used in the GX Series meet the Roll-Royce RRES 90061 specification. The beam profile of the UV light is extremely homogenous without any footprints showing from the LEDs, shades, dark spots or other disturbing defects.  All GX Orion models have a built-in PLC interface designed to connect to your PLC system. You can choose a “mother” or a “slave” GX Orion unit, with or without remote panel, with or without on/off power switches and still be able to monitor the unit completely through your computer via the PLC interface.

Labino GX Orion UV Overhead Inspection Light REMOTE has been tested to comply with both ASTM E3022-15 and ISO 3059-12 standards. It generates an intensity that can adjusted to vary from approximately 1,500 to 7,000 µw/cm² at 38cm (15 inches). It has a powerful white light that can generate 1,000 lux (93fc) at 30 cm (12 inches). A remote control allows you to switch on/off the UV and White light, change the intensity and set up the timer from up to 5 meters (16 feet) away.

Output Characteristics Orion uv
Intensity 1,500-7,000µw/cm²
Visible Light <1 Lux (.09fc)
Beam >  ꟾ 200 µw/cm²  330mm x 230mm

At a distance 0f 38cm (15″)

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