K3 High Intensity Weld Film Viewer

K3 High Intensity Weld Film Viewer

The distinctive, red K3 viewer is to be seen in X-Ray laboratories and on construction sites all over the world.
The K3 conforms to European Union Low Voltage and EMC Directives 73/23/CEE and 89/336/CEE
and the performance, including uniformity of luminance, is in accordance with EN25580.

High grade, infra-red absorbing filters.

Mains voltage lamps have an unusually long working life.

Efficient, forced air cooling protects the film emulsions.

Infinite brightness regulation gives ideal viewing conditions.

Footswitch control leaves both hands free.

Plastic, powder coating is corrosion and chemical resistant.

Interchangeable film masks have quick release fasteners.

Luminance output complies with Rolls Royce/NADCAP requirements under ASTM E2104-9

K3 High Intensity Weld Film Viewer

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Technical Data

Screen area, mm 400 x 85
Film Density to EN 25580 4.2D
Luminance, Cd/m² 125,000
Light source 2 x 1500 Watt
Supply required 230V AC 50Hz
Consumption, VA 3000
Dimensions (LxHxD) mm 600 x 260 x 150
Weight, Kg 9

Manufactured in accordance with EN25580,