JAY-PAC Battery Operated Electromagnetic NDT Yoke

JAY-PAC Battery Operated Electromagnetic NDT Yoke


With the introduction of light weight Lithium Power cells (which double output energy and which are one third the weight of conventional sealed lead acid units), Johnson and Allen are able to offer for the first time, a compact portable AC electro-magnet inspection system.
Choose the electromagnet you prefer (either our tried and tested JAY or the lighter weight JAYSON)
Combine it with our AC-Eazy Powerbelt , (made from tough high quality leather )and you have what we think is the best performing kit on the market today.

Battery operated Wave Form Generator

The wave form generator in the JAY-PAC produces a stable supply that closely mimics a normal mains AC supply as opposed to using pulsed DC which generally gives a lower level of inspection clarity. The Lithium ion battery also features a ‘fuel gauge’ function so operators can view the remaining charge left in the battery.

Handheld Portable AC Electromagnet

For ease of use and increased safety Johnson & Allen fit the JAY and JAYSON with flexible curly leads and packaged them with Powerbelts to form JAY-PAC‘s, JAYSON-PAC‘s and JAYMI-PAC‘s.

For customers with existing mains powered yokes the AC ‘EAZY’ Powerbelt can be supplied by itself (without a yoke) and with a 110V female adaptor – The AC ‘EAZY’ Powerbelt will power most other brands of yoke with similar current requirements to our own.

Replacement parts also available.

AC ‘EAZY’ Powerbelt Includes

  • 1 x Inverter unit – Converts 12 DC to 110V AC
  • 1 x 18Ah Lithium battery – Lightweight at only 1.25Kg
  • 1 x Fast-charge battery charger – Includes several common plugs
  • 1 x Leather belt – 2″ Thick
  • 1 x Leather inverter-battery double pouch
  • 1 x Leather yoke holder
  • 2 x Leather aerosol holders
  • 1 x Durable carry case with foam inserts

Additional Product Data

  • Can be supplied with a JAY, JAYSON or JAYMI yoke
  • Powerbelt available without yoke – 110V female adaptor accpets other similar types of yokes
  • Thick steeple jack type leather – Incredible hard wearing with a long product life
  • Battery holds enough charge for a full 8 hour shift on a single charge
  • Auto-sensing mode
  • Quick charger includes several common plugs
  • Additional pouches available
  • Ideal for rope access, working at heights or work in the field.
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