JAY Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Yoke

JAY Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Yoke

The JAY has been a core product in our MPI equipment range for over two decades. Manufactured in the UK the JAY has a proven track record for usability, durability and reliability. The JAY uses a standard AC mains supply of either 230V or 110V depending on customer specification, with AC supply producing a magnetic “skin effect” – Which is beneficial in MPI and an important advantage over DC yokes to consider.

Voltage options:

240/220V AC Version. (Maximum current draw 2.1/1.8A respectively)

110V AC Version. (Maximum current draw 3.7A)

Mains lead options:

4m Heavy duty lead fitted as standard – Can be upgraded to an armoured lead if needed.

Features include:

Lightweight design – Yoke weighing only 3.25Kg.

Self-re-setting thermal cut-out for heat protection as standard.

Polymer construction for high resistances to impact and abrasion damage.

Each yoke is individually serialized as standard.

Replaceable switch assembly (Frequently not possible with light duty imported yokes)

Replaceable feet and leg sections.

Each Yoke is lift tested with a 4.5Kg test weight.

Full calibration and refurbishment services available when needed here in Sheffield.

Industry approved and conforms to BS 9934 (Para. 4.1)

Supplied in durable canvas pouch for easy storage as standard.

Supplied with full certification conforming to the latest European standards.


AY Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Yoke
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Product Data

Voltage 110V
Current (Unloaded) 3.7A
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 3.25Kg
IP Rating IP56
Lift Test Weight 4.5Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Mains Lead 4m
Powerbelt Compatibility 110V Only
Specification Compliance BS EN ISO 9934-3:2015
ASTM E1444/ E1444-11
ASTM E 709
​ASTM E3024