Image Quality Indicator EN 462-2

This European standard replaces the previous national standards such as NFA 09 – 205 (AFNOR) or BS 3971. They are manufactured in Carbon Steel as standard and can also be manufactured in Aluminium, Copper, Titanium to order.

There is a direct correlation between the specified EN models and the previous AFNOR types:

AFNOR Model    H3   HA   HB    C
EN Model            H1   H5   H9   H13

Description. The EN 462-2 IQIs compriseof six plaques, measuring 5 x 7mm, 7 x 10mm or 15 x 15mm, which are encapsulated in transparent plastic along with an identification monogram in cast white metal. Each plaque has one or two through-drilled holes whose diameter is the same as the plaque thickness. The IQIs are supplied in a wallet with a Declaration of Conformity.
Quality Assurance. Manufacturing, including inspection, follows a written procedure, which forms part of a Quality Management System registered according to ISO 9001. Each IQI carries a unique serial number. The Declaration of Conformity provides a complete manufacturing history.

The monogram within the IQI identifies the model, for example, H 13 FE means:
H = Hole type IQI, 13 = Number of the thinnest step, FE= Steel.

H1 Stepwedge Range 0.125 to 4mm  Material Thickness 6.3 to 20mm

H5 Stepwedge Range 0.32 to 1mm material Thickness 16 to 50mm

H9 Stepwedge Range 0.8 to 2.5mm material Thickness 40 to 125mm

H13 Stepwedge Range 2 to 6.3mm Material Thickness 100 to 315mm

Image Quality Indicator EN 462-2

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