Illuminated Bench Magnifier

Illuminated Bench Magnifier

Illuminated Bench Magnifiers are essential inspection tools for any industry

Designed and constructed without compromise, providing clarity and robustness unequalled by any other industrial bench magnifiers

Any workstation or machining centre in any industry requires a facility to view work in detail and deserves to be fitted with a genuine Red magnifier

Don’t compromise on quality professional inspection equipment helps you achieve higher standards

The standard M76 model has an adjustable spring balance arm reaching 450mm at full extension

The long reach M7 model features a twin elbow spring balance arm and will extend to 850mm, making it particularly suitable for large work pieces or in applications where a wide variety of articles need to be viewed and versatility of use is key

2x magnification is provided by the 130mm diameter, precision ground and polished optical crown lens, giving a crystal clear view of the subject over a wide range of viewing distances

4x magnification is available by addition of the 4x conversion kit (MKX4)

Illumination is provided by a shadow free, 22 watt circular fluorescent lamp (M76T)

The bright, ‘cool white’ colour temperature makes detailed inspection at increased magnification simple and accurate. Developed in conjunction with a leading eye hospital

These illuminated magnifiers feature a translucent lamp cover that reduces rapid changes in relative luminosity (brightness) in front of the eye; making these lamps easy on the eye, even during perpetual use

Mounting is made simple by the choice of either a weighted, free standing table base (TB) or a bench/machine clamp (TC). Bases must be ordered separately

Applications in all industrial and professional sectors: manufacturing, electronics, textiles, automobile, aerospace, scientific, educational and pharmaceutical

Rugged industrial construction

Optically ground precision crown glass lenses – 130mm diameter

Lamp shade diameter 235mm

2x magnification

22watt cool white illumination

Ergonomic and optically optimised

Fully adjustable spring balance arms

450mm or 850mm arm extension

Optional 4x magnification conversion kit

Bench clamp or free standing base options


Illuminated Bench Magnifier

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