Hoffmann Precision TAM Panel

Hoffmann Precision TAM Panel 

Penetrant test panels based on the Pratt & Whitney TAM drawing 146040 are one of the most popular industry approved methods of performing system performance checks on DPI systems.

Pratt & Whitney Approved (146040)

Rolls Royce Approved authorised in RRP58003

Hoffmann are a recently Pratt & Whitney approved manufacturer of TAM panels. Made with German precision the Hoffmann TAM panel is a 2.5mm thick stainless steel plate with half the test surface hard coated with a micro thin chrome alloy. The chrome coloured half contains five controlled and evenly spaced cracked centres – With the cracked centres in a circular pattern forming 5 star-like shapes. The non-coated side is grit blasted to give a roughness (Ra = 2.0) and is for testing the washability of penetrant and for performing background tests.

Product Data

Pratt & Whitney (146040)  & Rolls Royce approved – An alternative to Sherwin TAM panels

Industry approved method of performing a penetrant system performance check

Serialised and supplied calibrated with relevant paperwork

Supplied in storage case with foam insert

Case lid includes printed photos of that panels 5 star indications for quick reference

Available in Polished or Grit (Both Currently in stock)


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