Friction Arm

High Flux UV Lamp Friction Arm

Light Weight and Hands Free

The friction arm is a high quality, flexible and easy to use support system. The system is suitable for many different applications including non-destructive testing enabling the operator to work with two free hands. Suitable for use with the High Flux LED Hand Held Unit or pistol grip Labino Lamps

The fiction arm is delivered with two clamps and one “foot”. It can either be attached to a table using the clamp or ot can be placed on a flat surface using the “foot”


Jointed arm with one large locking knob

Length 53cm (21”)

Arm Weight 1.07Kg (2.35Lbs)

Total Weight 2.55Kg (5.61lbs) complete


1 Friction Arm

2 Claw Clamps

1 Foot

arm 1

Friction Arm
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