Fluorescent Safelight

Fluorescent Safelight

Tough polycarbonate sleeve incorporating filters fitted to cool running 26mm diameter fluorescent tube that gives a pleasant ‘ all over ‘ darkroom safe light illumination.
Minimum recommended distance between workbench and safelight is 1500mm. One 1200 or 1500 assembly is suitable for a darkroom of approx 5 metre square.
Fits into standard fluorescent ceiling battons type T8

Filter Type A10 ND4 Industrial X-Ray Brown or R10 red

Safelight Tube 600mm / 2ft, 18Watt

Safelight Tube 1200mm / 4ft, 36Watt

Safelight Tube 1500mm / 5ft, 58Watt

Can be supplied with or without electrical fitting

Not available for export

Fluorescent Safelight

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Industrial X-ray Darkroom Safelights