Flubacher 8x F+C Measuring Eyepiece

Flubacher 8x Measuring Eyepiece

The practical, well thought-out design of our high quality scale magnifier F+C provides you with a multitude of applications for the precise measuring of:

– Radiographic defects, scripts, line thickness’s, distances on plans and drawings, etc.
– drillings, hole spacing, profile gauges, facets, angles, etc.

The consistently further developed, tried and tested scale magnifier is placed directly onto the object to be measured, the length can then easily be read off the precision scale built in on the bottom. Focusing makes it possible to adapt to the user’s individual vision.

The inclined position of the scale magnifier gives the visual field additional light providing you with an excellent view. Light falls through a special transparent glass, which at the same time protects the measuring scale. The excellent sharpness in the reading field is achieved with the triple-lens. The scale magnifier comes in a break-proof case.

Supplied with Standard Measuring Graticule


Horizontal Linear Scale Millimeter / Inches (0.1mm/.005″divisions)

Supplied without a Calibration Certificate

Flubacher 8X F+C Measuring Eyepiece

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