Electromagnetic Yoke Battery Pack

Electromagnetic Yoke Battery Pack – Portable Battery Pack for Inspection Yokes

Working Temperature 5°C – 35°C (<50% R.H.)
Storage Temperature -10°C-45°C (0-80% R.H.)
Output PP-42    42-44VAC modified sine wave, max 7A

PP-110  110VAC pure sine wave, max 5A

PP-230  230VAC modified sine wave, max 3.7A

Intended Use Electromagnetic Yoke Battery Pack in maximum 25% duty cycle
Power 12.6V LiFe Po Battery. Approx 1 day use on 110V or 230V, 4-8 hours on 42V. Use depends on type of Electromagnet and Intensity
Low Battery Indicator Power Pack beeps when battery is almost empty. Always recharge as soon as possible
Dimensions 31 x 12 x 25cm (L x W x H )
Weight approx PP-42    5.2Kg

PP-110  4.2Kg

PP-230  4.2Kg

Protection Class IP58
Charging Cycles Up to 2000 to 80% capacity, depending on type of Electromagnet, temperature and use

Specification could change without notice.
If you have any questions regarding this specification, please contact sales@ndt-consultants.co.uk

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