Eishen Test Panels EN ISO 3452 Type 1

Eishen Test Panels

Classified as EN ISO 3452 Type 1

Supplied as a pair with photographs

These are the brass panels of 35 mm × 100 mm with very thin nickel chromium alloy plating on which the artificial cracks are generated. The plating is polished to a mirror finish and contain cracks, which are to be detected.

These are panels made according to JIS Z2343, which is a Japanese Standard.

A set of 4 pairs of different panels of above dimensions having cracks of various depth as.

Depth of Crack Width of Crack
10 micron 1 micron
20 micron 2 micron
30 micron 3 micron
50 micron 5 micron
Eishen Test Panels EN ISO 3452 Type 1

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