DR Phantom

Digital Detector Array Performance Evaluation and Long-Term-Stability Tests
The standard ASTM E2737 describes the evaluation of DDA systems for industrial radiology. It is intended to ensure that the evaluation of image quality, as far as this is influenced by the DDA system, meets the needs of users, and their customers, and enables process control and long term stability of the DDA systems.
These tests are to monitor the system performance for degradation and to identify when action needs to be taken if the system degrades by a certain level – i.e. influenced after repairs, hardware-/ software upgrades..

5-Groove Wedge
Simple to set-up and use universal test wedge according to ASTM E2737 – it is available in two versions: Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Selection shall be based on the most stringent material used in the application.

DR Phantom

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