Pocket Magnifier Double 10x & 20x Magnification

Double Pocket Folding Magnifier 10x & 20x

Double Pocket Magnifier
Magnification 10x or 20x,
Lens Diameter 7mm and 13mm
Dual Lens
Chromed Metal Frame
Code 5124

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    • Does it come with an Initial calibration certificate?

Yes, NDT Consultants Ltd initially provides calibration certificate.

    • Do we need to recalibrate UV-EYE device every year ?

We have engineered the product such that you yourself can calibrate UV Eye every year using shims with traceable calibration certificates.

    • Do you provide calibraion service for UV-EYE ?

Yes, we do.

    • What is the measurement accuracy ?

UV-EYE can measure up to +- 1 mm accuracy.