Dental Mirrors

Dental Mirrors

  • The rear surfaced glass mirrors are set in stainless steel mounts and have anodised aluminium handles
  • A universal ball joint allows the mirror to be easily adjusted for angle

DM20- Plain Dental Mirror 20mm Diameter-NSN 5120-99-429-0262

DM26- Plain Dental Mirror 26mm Diameter-NSN 5120-99-923-1987

DM38- Plain Dental Mirror 38mm Diameter- NSN 5120-99-149-2825

DM18M-Magnifying Dental Mirror 18mm Diameter

DM22M-Magnifying Dental Mirror 22mm Diameter

DM26M-Magnifying Dental Mirror 26mm Diameter

DM30M-Magnifying Dental Mirror 30mm Diameter

Dental Mirrors

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