CR Phantom

The CR Phantom is used for testing all relevant parameters of CR Scanner systems, like basic spatial resolution, unsharpness, contrast, MTF, laser beam jitter, scanner slipping and shading. These tests are performed periodically according to ASTM E 2445-05, ISO 16371-1 and EN 14784-1 standards.

The CR Phantom includes 2 Duplex Wire Type IQIs and also measuring points for shading correction, which are arranged in both axis directions – panorama and landscape. All required information is mapped on the image plate with a single X-ray exposure, therefore there is no need to rotate the CR Phantom to receive information from the second axis. This results in higher accuracy of test scores and significant time savings.

Scope of Supply:

CR Phantom in a wooden case, Test Certificates according to ASTM E 2445-05, EN 14784-1 and ISO 16371-1 and a Declaration of Conformity according to EN 45014

Two types of CR Phantom’s are available 13Wire and 15 Wire Duplex

CR Phantom

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Test Material Application
A T-Target – Brass Laser beam jitter, MFT check, Blooming (Flare)
B Duplex Wire Type IQI Basic spatial resolution, unsharpness
C BAM Snail Central beam alignment
D Converging Line Pair IQIs Line pair resolution
E EL, EC, ER Measuring Points Shading Correction
F Cassette Positioning Locator Position of Cassette (image plate)
G Homogeneous AL Strip Scanning slipping, shading
H Lucite Plate Carrier Plate
I cm / inch ruler Linearity check
J Contrast sensitivity gauge Contrast sensitivity check


Dimensions: 14″ x 17″ x 0.75″ (350 x 430 x 19 mm)