Computed Radiography (CR) Flexible Plate Cassettes

Computed Radiography (CR) Flexible Film Cassettes  

Flexible/Single Envelope Plate Cassettes are of a similar design. They are single envelope, open at one end for loading and unloading film/screens. The open end is held closed and light sealed by means of ‘VELCRO’ nylon fastener and to reduce the risk of accidental damage from scratching whilst loading and unloading the cassette, all CR cassettes/film holders are manufactured with a velcro securing loop positioned on the inside of the sealing flap . There is an extra finger tab at the sealed end to assist in holding the cassette to the bench for easier and quicker unloading

Standard Single Envelope Cassettes are made from 400 micron black PVC. Over the years these have become the standard cassette for industry not recommended for use in very cold weather.

Reinforced Single Envelope Cassettes are made from thin, yet strong PVC/Nylon/PVC laminated material. the Nylon reinforcement is in the form of a mesh and reduces the tendency of the PVC to split at the seams after much use.The PVC laminate retains its flexibility in cold climates and is more suitable for use at low temperatures.

One Seam Reinforced Single Envelope Cassettes are made to outlast any other flexible type of cassette. Constructed without side seams from rugged Nylon reinforced PVC, with one joint at the back of the cassette, overcoming the weakness and tendency to split experienced with other single envelope cassettes that are welded along the sides. Made from specially formulated, heavy duty, Nylon reinforced PVC coloured Black on the inside and Yellow on the outside for easy recognition.

Double Envelope Cassettes consist of two plain, black envelopes without any means of closure. Plates and are loaded into the inner envelope, the smaller of the two. This is then inserted, open end first, into the larger, outer envelope. light tightness is assured because the open end of the inner envelope is up against the closed end of outer. They are made from standard 400 micron PVC material and are clearly marked on the inner and outer envelopes for easy identification in the darkroom or on site.

Special Cassettes can be supplied to customers own requirements.
Single Envelope up to 3 metres long for pipeline work.

Available in all standard Metric and Imperial plate sizes- please state size and type of cassette required when requesting a quotation

Flexible Film Cassettes
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UV-EYE can be used for general part inspection with white light. Below are few sample pics of defects in general metal parts.

For any questions or queries regarding this product please contact us!



  • UVA illumination at 365nm >1200μW/cm2
  • White light >1000 lu
  • Measurement accuracy better than –0.01mm
  • Instrument dimensions 255mm x 140mm x 30mm
  • Probe dimensions 150mm (l)
  • Case material Reinforced ABS plastic Moisture/dust tightness IP 64

Dedicated Software allows:

  • Recording and storing of indications
  • Images stored in JPEG
  • Measurement of indication with easy line, circle or rectangular measurement tools.
  • Generate reports. Pre loaded report
  • Report format: Tam Panel Report, Defect Report
  • Multilanguage support ( English, Spanish,German,Italian)
  • Option for touch tablet or 10.1″ notebook.
    • Does it come with an Initial calibration certificate?

Yes, NDT Consultants Ltd initially provides calibration certificate.

    • Do we need to recalibrate UV-EYE device every year ?

We have engineered the product such that you yourself can calibrate UV Eye every year using shims with traceable calibration certificates.

    • Do you provide calibraion service for UV-EYE ?

Yes, we do.

    • What is the measurement accuracy ?

UV-EYE can measure up to +- 1 mm accuracy.