Compact MPI Bench Unit – 1000 Amps

Compact Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench Unit

The CBU 1000 is probably the smallest entry point MPI bench unit to date. With a compact, economical and full Stainless Steel design the CBU 1000 is ideal for environments where space is at a premium. The CBU 1000 features AC current flow mode for inspecting components longitudinally with bi-directional fixed coils available for inspecting circumferential  if required. Supplied fully calibrated and with heavy duty energising foot pedal as standard.

Key Features

Input Voltage 230V @ 50Hz

CF Output 0 – 1000A RMS AC

Max Comp. Length 300mm

DIMN 650 x 500 x 330mm

Technical Information

Compact, economical and full Stainless Steel design means the

CBU 1000 is ideal for almost any inspection environment.

Extremely easy to operate making the CBU 1000 ideal for training schools.

At 43kg the CBU 1000 weighs less than other MPI bench units and is easy to re-site and transport if necessary.

300mm maximum component length and variable position headstocks that use a simple lever operated clamping mechanism to grip components between Copper gauze pads.

The pads are easy to replace and can be removed in a number of seconds.

Supplied with heavy duty energising foot pedal and fully calibrated with the relevant paperwork as standard.

Power transformers and coils used in the CBU 1000 are wound, built and extensively tested before they are installed.

Excellent build quality and intended to last.

Can be supplied with range of accessories including threading bars, bi-directional rigid fixed coils, headstock mounted ‘V’ brackets, mini-jigs and inspection lamps.

Adjustable feet mean that the CBU 1000 can be setup on almost on work surface.

Easy to service and calibrate for minimal down time in busy environments.

compact magnetic particle inspection bench unit

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