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Chemetall Penetrant Products

Aerosol Cans 400ml Supplied in boxes of 10

Chemetall  Ely Range

Ely Checkmor 240 Red Dye Penetrant ,Waterwashable/ Solvent Removable colour contrast penetrant which is widely used in many industries for the detection of defects which are open to the surface of solid workpieces.

Britemor 4455 Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant- is a clear, mobile yellow-green liquid in daylight and appears brilliant yellow under UVA light of 365 nm peak wavelength. Britemor 4455 is approved to AMS 2644, Type 1, Method A Level 2. Britemor 4455 is typically used for the inspection of precision castings and forgings, machined surface and fabrications.

Ely S76 Solvent Remover/Cleaner a volatile solvent which is used for the removal of surface excess penetrant in the solvent removal process or ‘wipe-off’ technique. It is also ideal for the pre-cleaning of surfaces before the penetrant is applied for the removal of oil, grease and other organic contamination.

Ely LD7 Penetrant Developer Non Aqueous liquid suspension developer for use as part of either a Checkmor colour contrast penetrant process or a Britemor fluorescent penetrant process. The proper application of LD7 adds significantly to the sensitivity of the processes. LD7 is a suspension of inert white developer particles in a flammable volatile organic solvent.

Chemetall Ardrox Range

Ardrox 996PB  High sensitivity red dye penetrant for general engineering The ARDROX 996PB aerosol process provides an effective, portable method of flaw detection.  It consists of ARDROX 996PB Red Dye Penetrant, ARDROX 9D1B Developer and a Solvent Penetrant Remover.  Depending on the preferred flash point and evaporation rate, the penetrant remover can be ARDROX 9PR5, ARDROX PR1, ARDROX 9PR50A or ARDROX 9PR70. applications. Low Halogen and Sulphur content.

Ardrox 907PB  Water washable red dye penetrant for general use on rough forgings, sand castings and base material stock.

Ardrox 9VF2 is a red dye penetrant according to EN ISO 3452-2 Type II, which can be removed by water or solvents. Furthermore, it can be used as a fluorescent penetrant according to EN ISO 3452-2 Type III.

Ardox 9PR5  Ready to use penetrant remover suitable for use in the nuclear and allied industries. For us with 996PB and 9VF2

Ardrox 9D1B Solvent based developer giving improved resolution and definition. Formulated to meet the demands of low halogen and sulphur content.

Ardrox NQ1 Solvent based developer with low Sulphur, Halogen and Alkali Metal Content

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