Chemetall Magnetic Particle Products – Aerosol

Chemetall Inks & White Background Paint 

Aerosol Cans 400ml Supplied in boxes of 10.

Ely Supramor 4 Black consists of very finely divided black magnetic particles suspended in high flash point odourless kerosene designed to provide good particle mobility. The black particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivety (to avoid coagulation) and prolonged operational life.

Ely Lumor J Fluorescent Magnetic Ink consists of finely-divided fluorescent magnetic particles, dispersed in a hydrocarbon carrier fluid, which will fluoresce brilliant yellow/green under ultraviolet radiation with a predominant wavelength of 365 nanometres.

Ely WCP712 White Contrast Paint is a quick drying white paint which is designed specifically for use in the colour contrast method of magnetic particle inspection. WCP712 provides a dense white background against which black or red indications of defects can be seen readily. WCP 712 is ideal for use with either oil based or water based magnetic inks.

Ely S80 Remover is a solvent penetrant remover used for the removal of White Contrast Paint 712. It is a fast drying, water-white, clear, mobile liquid and has a low sulphur, halogen and alkali metal content. It may be used to remove visible red dye and fluorescent penetrants.

ARDROX 8032 is a ready-to-use high sensitivity black magnetic ink consisting of black iron oxide with a controlled, fine particle size, mineral oil and suspending agent in a high flash, low aromatic petroleum distillate. ARDROX 8032 is used for revealing surface and near surface defects in ferro-magnetic materials e.g. mild and low alloy steels.

ARDROX 8903W White background lacquer for visible Magnetic Particle Inspection Provision of a white matt finish, free from reflections, to assist the viewing of defects. The smooth surface finish provided by this product allows magnetic inks to remain mobile on the surface for longer periods thus assisting the detection of fine defects. Especially useful when inspecting dark surfaces. Low halogen and Sulphur content

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