CEY Electromagnet Yoke

CEY Electromagnet Yoke

The CEY Adjustable Yoke Electromagnet is commonly used for the magnetisation of ferromagnetic materials during magnetic particle inspection. Welds in pipes, pressure vessels, fabrications and individual components such as crankshafts, gears or castings can be easily tested for defects.

Operation of the yoke is carried out by selecting the correct voltage unit, placing of the poles on the test area, pressing the energising switch and applying dry powder,

Black or Fluorescent particles to the test area whilst the component is being magnetised.

(Note application of magnetic particles should cease before power is switched off).

Visual inspection should then be carried out under diffused light of at least 500 lux (45 ft cdl)

with a minimum of 1200 μwatts per sq. cm for fluorescent inspection.

White contrast paint may be used on dark substrates to provide better contrast when using Black Magnetic Ink.

CEY Electromagnetic Yoke

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 Specification:              ASME V, EN ISO 9943-3:2002.

Lifting Power:              Greater than 6 Kg when used with alternating current, 50/60 Hz.

Supply Voltage :          240 volts 50 Hz, 110 volts 50 Hz and 48 volts 50 Hz.

Field Strength:             Greater than 2400A/metre (30 oersteds) between poles 150mm apart on ferromagnetic material of saturation permeability more than 300.


Cable Length: 10 metres (32 ft).

Weight-Yoke: <3.5 Kg (7.7 pounds). [/av_tab] [av_tab title='FAQ’s' icon_select='yes' icon='ue81c' font='entypo-fontello'][/av_tab] [/av_tab_container] [/av_one_full] [av_product_upsells display='upsells related' count='4']