Bleeper III Radiation Alarm

The BLEEPER III Radiation Alarm 

The Bleeper III is a simple and reliable means of safeguarding all personnel against the hazards of ionising radiation by providing a clear, audible indication of X and Gamma radiation (without digital readout)
The Bleeper III operates continuously, giving a bleep at approximately 15 minute intervals in normal background radiation. The bleep rate increases with doserate becoming a continuous tone in high radiation fields. A clear audible indication that the batteries need replacing is a change in the bleep length from one tenth of a second to one full second. Typical operating life using standard batteries is more than one year. As a further safeguard the correct functioning of the instrument is indicated at all times by a quiet series of ‘clicks’ easily heard by holding the loudspeaker to the ear.

Technical Data:
Bleep Rates: Background radiation: approx 1 bleep every 15 mins
At 10 micro Sv/h : approx 1 bleep every 20 seconds.
At 1mSv/h and above: continuous signal to at least 60Sv/h.
Energy Range: 45 keV to 6 MeV.
Temperature Range: -20 to +50 Deg Celcius
Battery: Two alkaline batteries size AAA.
Dimensions: 148mm x 27mm x 16mm
Weight: 78 gm with batteries
The instrument can also be supplied with:
(I) an alternative bleep rate
(ii) a quieter bleep

For Digital Readout version see Bleeper Sv

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