Integrating non-destructive testing into your production processes can significantly improve not only their quality and efficiency, but also the delivery speed.

We understand that the constant need to find ways to test new products, equipment and materials reliably presents various challenges.

We also recognise that there are some situations where handling high volumes or regular requirements can benefit from automated testing that’s integrated into the manufacturing process.

Yet bespoke systems such as these require expert design and development to ensure that every inspection is carried out properly. In order to meet the regulatory and commercial test requirements for your products, you also need to ensure full traceability and maintain accurate records.

NDT Equipment Integration is Key

NDT Consultants are one of the few providers that can design, build and integrate these specific testing systems and procedures for you.

We’re able to meet this need through a unique combination of:

All of this allows us to build and integrate customised inspection solutions for you – making your test process more efficient.

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Our expertise is at your disposal

Non-destructive testing is a specialist area. But you don’t have to be a specialist to use it to your advantage.

We bring over 310 years of industry and non-destructive testing experience to bear on efficiently solving the inspection problems you face. Our Level III consultants will apply their expertise on-site to solve your particular NDT problem.

NDT Consultants will help you integrate NDT as a positive tool in your quality process. The subsequent reduction in non-conformances will in turn save your business money in reduced materials costs, re-work costs and production time.

Carefully planned integration of your NDT equipment and processes therefore offers value for money as well as peace of mind.

Find Out About The Benefits of Integrated NDT Systems

Benefit from our practical approach

The work we carry out is extremely practical. We provide the required test capacity, tools and expertise to get the work done properly – and efficiently – for you.

We also do the research and development work on new approaches, materials or technologies. This means that you can save time and money, while accessing the most up-to-date and appropriate tools or techniques.

Bringing in NDT Consultants to help with your NDT equipment integration can therefore help improve the quality of your products, your service and your business.

Whatever your specific testing and inspection problems, you can be assured that our experts will rise to the challenge.

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