Inspecting efficiently

Our expert in-house and on-site inspection services can be applied to virtually any NDT testing requirement, providing capacity and throughput to meet customer deadlines.

Whether you need to manage and schedule inspection, carry our complex product inspection or undertake new materials inspection, maintaining in-house inspection capacity can be costly – particularly where demands fluctuate or are unpredictable. Too much work one day means delayed delivery, whereas the next you might have excess capacity and not enough work.

Ease the load… both physically and financially

The complexity and expense of today’s machines, equipment and tools dictate the use of fabrication and testing procedures that will ensure maximum reliability.

The NDT Consultants inspection facility, resources and services have been designed to help you improve throughput without adding to your internal headcount or facilities’ costs. In addition, you benefit from independent test results and full traceability for your quality systems.

Inspection Case Study – A UK Engineering Company

Not all answers to inspection requirements have to be challenging! 

Getting things done in time is always a challenge. And other pressures often make the task even harder. We understand that, and so offer inspection capacity to help you get the job done and hit the deadlines you’ve been set.

Keeping things as simple as possible keeps them efficient and controls costs. That’s why we develop and provide a range of unique test systems. As a result, you can access new technology to simplify inspection – without paying the price for development.

Comprehensive in-house NDT inspection services

Using skilled personnel and our specialist facility, our broad range of inspection services cater for all your NDT testing needs. At present there are six widely used methods of non-destructive testing, all of which we offer at NDT Consulting. These inspection methods can either be used by themselves or as part of a combination for more optimal results

  • Visual inspection
  • Radiography / digital radiography – used on a variety of products such as welds, castings, forgings and fabrications
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) – uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles, such as iron filings, to detect flaws in components
  • Liquid penetrant testing (PT) – used to test a variety of both metallic and non-metallic materials such as welds, forgings, castings, plastics and ceramics
  • Eddy current testing – used exclusively for tests and measurements on metals and for thickness measurements of non-conductive materials backed by metals
  • Ultrasonic inspection – uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements
  • Nital etch – use of nitric acid to reveal grinding abuse

Improve the efficiency of your in-house NDT inspection

On-site inspection. A popular option.

We also undertake on-site inspection work on behalf of a number of clients, carrying out ultrasonic, magnetic, penetrant and eddy current tests on a variety of components and structures.

Eddy current inspection has become a significant part of our on-site testing activity. In particular, this involves inspecting tubes of oil collars and heat exchangers sited at industrial developments and on floating structures such as ships and submarines.

As problem solvers, we pride ourselves on technique development and working with exotic materials. No challenge is beyond our capability. Try us and see for yourself!

“With a 100% on time delivery record over the last 6 months and a willingness to meet challenges on new specifications and delivery deadlines, NDT Consultants are an essential key supplier in allowing us to supply turnkey solutions and mission critical components to the upstream oil and gas industry”

Supply Chain Manager- Midland/Gabbro Precision

Tell us what you need and we’ll come up with the solution