It’s not enough simply to carry out non-destructive testing; you also need to ensure that the test equipment you use is properly maintained and 100% accurate at all times.

To deliver traceability and test accuracy in the field, all NDT equipment has to be maintained and, in the majority of cases, kept in calibration according to specification.

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Comprehensive calibration services

Here at NDT Consultants we’ve been providing NDT calibration services since 1987. Our fully qualified and highly trained engineers are well experienced in calibrating a wide range of items, such as:

  • Equipment – magnetic equipment, ultrasonic flaw detectors, drying ovens
  • Gauges – air gauges, temperature gauges
  • Meters – ammeters, UV and white light meters, magnetic flux meters
  • Accessories – demagnetisation units, hand yokes, permanent magnets, timers
  • Tam (PSM5) Panels/Panels – reference photo and indication sizing

Calibration Case Study: Global Tech Company

Only the best will do

The defence industry is just one area where NDT Consultants is able to apply its expertise to ensure that equipment is fully fit for purpose. As the weaponry and equipment produced by the defence industry for the military is used in potential life and death situations, it’s paramount that the equipment is accurate. There really is no margin for error.

NDT’s commitment to delivering top calibre calibration services extends to all industry sectors. You can therefore rest assured that your equipment will receive the same attention to detail – regardless of your field of operation.

On-site calibration

NDT Consultants regularly undertakes on-site inspection and calibration work on behalf of a number of clients, carrying out ultrasonic, magnetic, penetrant and eddy current tests on a variety of components and structures.

A significant and increasing part of our on-site testing activity is eddy current inspection. In particular this involves inspecting tubes of oil collars and heat exchangers located at industrial developments as well as on floating structures like ships and submarines.

Whatever your specific testing and inspection problems, you can be assured that our experts will rise to the challenge.

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“We’ve been using the services of NDT Consultants for many years now, taking care of our annual calibration needs, offering a swift and friendly turnaround of our equipment. With efficient and helpful customer service, I recommend NDT Consultants Ltd to manage your equipment and calibration/service requirements.”


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