Tackling Time

Taking time on design is good for results. But manufacturing and testing also take time, time that’s always under pressure in motorsport. That’s why Intelligent Inspection has been developed – to minimise the time spent on component testing, and get the results back to you quickly, so that designers have more time and new parts are put to good use.

We will collect components from you, inspect them and send you the report as soon as it’s ready – usually within 24 hours of receiving the components at our test facility. Then we return the components.

All you need to do is tell us what needs doing, and have the parts ready for collection – saving you time and effort on arranging transport, scheduling collections and tracking deliveries.

Modern Materials

High-tech composite materials are an integral part of modern motorsport. But new materials can raise Inspection challenges that use up time. So we provide you with a sophisticated range of Inspection technologies, all in-house, to test advanced materials and provide you with early identification of flaws in components, materials, or manufacturing, to help cut down on expensive waste.

Couple our range of Inspection technology with our experienced Consultants and we can compliment your team, using ‘two heads’ to solve any problems or recommend different approaches to save you time and money.

Intelligent Inspection

Quick, Simple, Efficient, Reliable

Handling high-tech materials

Reliable Service

We understand that non-destructive testing is part of a process, not a final activity. So any delays impact your deadlines. That’s why we work with you to meet your timescales and keep things on track for you, to prevent costly delays. But speed is of no use if inspection results are inaccurate and need to be redone. So our job is to provide accurate results, in a timely manner, to help you save time and money.

Our range of capability provides you with one place, one partner, where you can have an intelligent discussion about the best method of inspection for different materials and components, and then have that inspection done, whatever the need. That streamlines your work, minimises administration, and saves time, while maintaining quality and keeping people safe.

Case Study: Motorsport Supplier     

Motorsport Case Study

Trusted Quality

Working with a new supplier or partner always has a level of risk, risk that we need to minimise for you.

NDT Consultants’ track record over more than 30 years of operation provides the reassurance you need that we are a ‘safe pair of hands’ that will help you get the job done quickly and cost effectively.

Our Quality Management Systems are comprehensive and rigorous – as they need to be to retain our NDT Accreditations from, for example, the British Institute of Non-Destructive testing (BINDT). That offers you a second layer of assurance that work will be done properly and that our independent assessment is fully tracked and documented – providing backup to your own system if it is needed.

Doing things right first time, and providing accurate results, is at the core of our Inspection work. It is what our customers demand, it is what our quality systems are designed to support, and it is what we do – every day. That’s the commitment that we make to all of our clients.

Waiting for results, replies to emails or calls eats up precious time. You need access to good people who will get the job done, and NDT’s business is built upon our people. Our Operations team is here to help you get the quote you need, to organise transport, to schedule the work and ensure that the results are sent to you as soon as they are ready. All you have to do is call us and we will make sure you get all the help you need.

Put Intelligent Inspection to the test

“Your service is really 2nd to none. You always give a fantastic service. I do email a big thank you when you do a next-day service which makes my job easier, and I hope that is passed on to all who help in achieving this at NDT Consultants.”

Motorsport Customer